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An exploration into the landscape morphologies, mystical fragments, diplomacy& thresholds, of encoded text in the eternally disputed city of Jerusalem.

The building is constructed in a series of time based phases of a brutal machine choreography which resembles and even celebrates segregation. The rock is constantly sculpted, translating threshold lines into deep scars in the earths surface. By the end of the process an artificial cave tops the landscape below. A mysterious aggressive island slowly emerging...

Paper model: slicing the ground.

Augmenting dichotomy by sculpting the physical thickness (5500mm) of Jerusalem’s ‘Green Line’. The plan evolves around the linear geometries induced by machines slicing the rock, furthering the tear in the ground between Israelis and Palestinians.

Two lines, a wall and a cave/tower in between.

Concrete cast: revealing the ground, tracing memories of a scarred land.

The Bridge of Fear and Courage mixed media model: etched plexiglas, 3d print, sand, smoke and cacti. Expressing the danger of crossing between lines; the delicate artefact becomes referential to its urban context, augmenting the volatile nature of the 1949 Armistice Line and the place where it’s torn to generate the No-Mans Land.

Digital Calligraphy: Iterations of the word God encoded within the brick produced by the embassy, infiltrates the two rival communities to remind them of the materia prima or limestone rock they’ve shared for centuries.