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“My house is diaphanous, but it is not of glass. It is more of the nature of vapour. Its walls contract and expand as
I desire. At times, I draw them close about me like protective armour… But at others, I let the walls of my house blossom out in their own space, which is infinitely extensive.” – George Spyridakis.
The drawing is an abstract interpretation of the garden, one of the most vital parts for the wellbeing of people and cities today.
The architecture of the garden aims to capture lightness, the gentle breath of shadows expanding and contracting - responding to a beautiful breeze of spring.
The visitor is therefore free to drift and immerse in the spatial complexities of the proposed garden; to flow between the natural and the man-made, light and shadow - the Garden of 1000 Shadows.

A1 - Digital print on fabric.