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Hyper Domestic visions. The urban environment is scaled down to a super bespoke room: a super soft veiled background wall, wet floor, recycled aggregate cone artwork, jet-black vegan carpet, freshly cast iron lamp, squiggly curved  clay extruded velvet finish sofa. 

Hyper domestic - Rock Paper Scissors. A giant industrial fridge is repurposed into a space to transcend, transformed into a landscape of riddles, aphorisms, symbols and dualities. Scale somehow becomes irrelevant, horizon an artificial setting, construction a spectacle. A horizontal structure which resembles a table, is pierced by the natural: balance. The urban is the new living room and vice versa.

Hyper Domestic - Kanye meets Kim. A tea room is conceived in absolute symmetry whilst an algorithm selects the ultimate colours of luxury. Construction becomes a by-product of the West’s powders. The urban is equaled and scaled down to a KKW lipstick.