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An investigation in weaving a super-computer ecology, towards the simultaneous restoration of Hut 6 and Alan Turing’s memory.

Plan and elevation express how the cryptic narrative evolves in Hut 6.

Laser-etched plexiglas depicting the atmosphere of the micro-architecture.

The word 'sword' encoded in a 3d form, inspired by the film Hero.

Sample from Penelope’s lexicon of encoded words, developed using digital processes and iterations such as Grasshopper plug-in.

The ‘spider’ not only extends its bodily presence within space, it readily enforces its algorithmic power; data storage cocoon’s form between words (i.e. broken-sword) harvesting the wind, moisture and information.

Words interact to generate global topologies columns etc. woven as secret sentences whilst a new super computer ‘grows’... The exoskeleton of Hut 6 slowly erodes and a new complex vascular system is revealed. Delicate, intricate made from one material, the nanofibre.

Interior view showing some whispered morphologies of the web-like landscape.

Penelope's Panopticon