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Unit 1 sought to examine the city’s soft edges, the in between places occupied in ways unplanned by the architects or developers. We've placed the urban grain under the microscope and analysed the spaces which were never planned - designing architectures of entropy

Drawings by 3rd year student Daniela Yaneva RIBA SELSA 2016 winner. for a Theatrical Hotel exploring the five states during dreaming. As Daniela notes: The hotel is a stage onto which five of the most common dreams are projected, including events and
perceptibility of flying, falling, being late, naked and death. The project is about a new waterfront hotel connected to the Thames Clipper suppliers to the Convoys Wharf community - a tapestry of dreams in a boutique style and a surrealist
mediation on the collapse of our notions of architecture.

Drawings by my 1st class student, Effrosyni Hadjisavva yr.2, propose a young offenders institution for the Deptford community; exploring and challenging norms of control, wall and thresholds. Her proposal focused on generating an architecture which nurtures alternative ways of ‘treating’ criminal minds, to re-introduce them back to society. Her architecture emanates concepts of Rem Koolhas’ Exodus and suggests a playful world of tectonics.